Fairness for Children

A League Table of Inequality in Child Well-being in Rich Countries

image of Fairness for Children
This Report Card presents an overview of inequalities in child well-being in 41 countries of the European Union (EU) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). It focuses on ‘bottom-end inequality’ – the gap between children at the bottom and those in the middle – and addresses the question ‘how far behind are children being allowed to fall?’in income, health and life satisfaction.

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League tables

The four main league tables presented in this Report Card rank rich countries on the basis of bottom-end inequality in children’s income, education, health and life satisfaction. Each league table provides a snapshot of how far rich countries allow their most disadvantaged children to fall behind the ‘average’ child. The league tables are supplemented by a fifth league table, which provides a summary of the overall record across these four areas. Each of the main league tables puts its measure of inequality into context, using an indicator that captures how many children fall in the very bottom of the distribution of income, educational achievement, health and life satisfaction.

English Spanish, Italian, French

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