Gender-based Explosions

The Nexus between Muslim Masculinities, Jihadist Islamism and Terrorism

image of Gender-based Explosions
This publication argues that “gender” is a fundamental battleground on which Al Qaeda, the Taliban and their types have to be defeated. Issues of regressive radicalism, literalism, militancy and terrorism can only be solved through people-centred interventions. Therefore, relevant governments and civil society should promote an alternative culture of growth, self-expression and actualization for Muslim men. To achieve sustainable counterterrorism results, Aslam recommends underlining masculinities in Muslim contexts and expanding the scope of required interventions beyond those confined to Islam(ism), the opposing sects and ideological movements of which rarely agree. This book also includes empirical data from a pilot study conducted on Pakistani Muslim masculinities.



Framing the global chaos: An overview

The past 10 years have seen a rapid increase in regressive radicalism and literalism in Muslim societies, when the global challenge is to deradicalize and ensure peace. Muslim history is rife with socio-political movements that have sought to transform the nature of Islamic belief, its function and the routine living of its adherents. Present times are no different. The post-9/11 counterterrorism strategies of US and European governments ignited frenzied reactions across the Muslim world. 11 September 2001 played a role in making US policy quarters and those of its allies (both Western and non-Western) behave in irrational, chaotic and even tyrannical ways. Bush’s infamous “crusade” faux pas while representing a twenty-first-century, new-millennium, secular America was unwarranted. That year’s 11 September had left the United States truly terrorized, and this was a great success for Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda.


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