Freedom from Fear

This journal aims to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and awareness of the international community's priority issues in the field of justice, crime prevention and human rights. The Magazine pursues the promotion of innovative dialogue by spreading awareness, creating consensus and a sense of shared responsibility of the problems that affect the global community. As a forum for long-term change, the Magazine endeavors to promote democratic values, civil stability, and aid the international community in developing actions towards greater peace, justice and security for all members of social, civil and political society.


Hackers profiling: Who are the attackers?

Who is attacking you? “We don’t know...” When talking about attackers and hacking it often happens that I ask people working at customer’s sites “who is scaring you?” Most of the time the answer I hear is not “Well, you know… I’m scared by script kids, playing with those couple of unpatched machines I have,” nor is it “I’m really scared about industrial spies.” Rather, 98% of the time the answer is “I don’t know.”


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