Human Rights Regimes in the Americas

image of Human Rights Regimes in the Americas
Human Rights Regimes in the Americas examines the complex role of human rights norms and standards in the region’s progression, illustrating the evolution and impact of international conventions, laws and institutions. The chapters combine historical detail with a focus on presentday challenges for the regional and domestic human rights regimes, highlighting particular obstacles, successful approaches and strategies. Taking the reader through cases in North, Central and South America, the volume provides a rich account of the evolving regional environment for rights protection and promotion, which will be of particular interest to scholars of politics, human rights and law, as well as policymakers and practitioners at all levels.



Democracy, human rights and the United States: Tradition and mutation

The terms “democracy” and “human rights” are not used consistently or in ways that allow easy identification of their absence, at least in popular discourse and the discourse of journalists and political elites. It would therefore be useful to begin with a very brief definitional note for each of them. At least it should then be clear what I mean when I use the terms.


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