Integrating a Gender Perspective into Human Rights Investigations

Guidance and Practice

image of Integrating a Gender Perspective into Human Rights Investigations

This publication provides practical guidance on the integration of a gender perspective throughout the work of investigative bodies or entities, from the planning phase to the investigations and to writing the report and presenting its findings. It should be read in conjunction with existing OHCHR guidance in the Manual on Human Rights Monitoring and Commissions of Inquiry and Fact-finding Missions on International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law: Guidance and Practice. The publication specifically aims to strengthen the content of human rights reports in order to accurately depict the different experiences of women, men, girls and boys. It is primarily aimed at United Nations Human Rights Officers, especially those performing investigative functions, including with CoIs/FFMs. It may also be used as a reference material for the human rights monitoring, analysis and reporting performed by OHCHR field presences or as part of peace operations mandated by the Security Council and overseen, managed and supported by OHCHR. States Parties, regional mechanisms, national human rights institutions, national commissions of inquiry, civil society organizations and others could also benefit from guidance on how to integrate a gender perspective into monitoring and investigating human rights violations and abuses.



Investigation and information-gathering

During the documentation and investigation phase, information should be gathered from a wide range of sources to allow for a comprehensive analysis of violations or abuses and possible gendered impacts suffered by women, men and others and to reveal preexisting forms of violence and discrimination. In addition to considering various sources of information that will be useful to an investigation, this chapter will provide guidance on collecting and organizing gender-related data, as well as strategies to overcome some of the challenges that may present themselves during the information-gathering process.


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