Keeping Watch

Monitoring Technology and Innovation in UN Peace Operations

image of Keeping Watch
Knowledge is power. In the hands of United Nations peacekeepers, it can be a power for peace. Lacking knowledge, peacekeepers often find themselves powerless in the field, unable to protect themselves and others. This book explains how technologies can increase the range, effectiveness and accuracy of United Nations observation. It also identifies potential problems and pitfalls with modern technologies and the challenges to incorporate them into the United Nations system. It examines the few cases of technologies effectively harnessed in the field and offers creative recommendations to overcome the institutional inertia and widespread misunderstandings about how technology can complement human initiative in the quest for peace in war-torn lands.




I am pleased to contribute the Foreword to Professor Walter Dorn’s important book on improving UN peace operations. These operations are much needed in today’s world and are in need of constant innovation. Violent extremism, whatever its origin and wherever it raises its ugly head, is everyone’s business. Peace operations have become one of the most important tools the international community has to achieve conflict resolution. We can no more abandon peace operations than we can turn our back on dying children in catastrophes or give up our hopes for a more peaceful world.


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