Monitoring the convention of the rights of persons with disabilities

Guidance for human rights monitors

image of Monitoring the convention of the rights of persons with disabilities
Human rights work requires preparation, technical skills and substantive knowledge in order to be effectively conducted. This publication aims to assist United Nations human rights officers and other human rights monitors—including from Governments, national human rights institutions and non-governmental organizations—to engage in monitoring the rights of persons with disabilities, in line with the Convention. It provides an explanation of the paradigm shift that the Convention enshrines and of the scope, standards and principles recognized by it. Furthermore, it proposes a methodology for monitoring the rights of persons with disabilities, and provides useful advice on issues to consider when working with persons with disabilities.



Understanding disability as a human rights issue

It is estimated that over 650 million people, 10 per cent of the world’s population, have a disability. Eighty per cent live in developing countries. Some women, men and children with disabilities are fully integrated in society, and are participating in and actively contributing to all areas of life. However, the great majority face discrimination, exclusion, isolation and even abuse. Many persons with disabilities live in extreme poverty, in institutions, without education or employment opportunities and face a range of other marginalizing factors. In some countries they are denied the right to own property and it is common for persons with disabilities to be denied the right to make decisions for themselves. The discrimination they face is widespread, cutting across geographical boundaries and affecting people in all spheres of life and all sectors of society.


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