Resource Book on the Use of Force and Firearms in Law Enforcement

image of Resource Book on the Use of Force and Firearms in Law Enforcement

This resource book explores international law sources relevant to the use of force and the general responsibility of law enforcement authorities for the use of force. It discusses a number of instruments of force, including firearms, and the conditions under which these should be used. It further examines the possible use of force in a number of specific policing situations. Finally, it also outlines good practices for accountability in the use of force and firearms by law enforcement officials.



Guidance for the most commonly used instruments of force in law enforcement

This chapter looks at different instruments of force that are commonly employed around the world, including batons, handcuffs and other restraints, dogs and horses, chemical irritants, water cannons, electroshock weapons, launched kinetic impact projectiles and firearms. It discusses the tactics that should guide their use based on international human rights norms and standards, as well as recognized good practice. This guidance should be included in domestic policy and regulations.


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