Resource Book on the Use of Force and Firearms in Law Enforcement

image of Resource Book on the Use of Force and Firearms in Law Enforcement

This resource book explores international law sources relevant to the use of force and the general responsibility of law enforcement authorities for the use of force. It discusses a number of instruments of force, including firearms, and the conditions under which these should be used. It further examines the possible use of force in a number of specific policing situations. Finally, it also outlines good practices for accountability in the use of force and firearms by law enforcement officials.



Criminal investigation

Depending on the circumstances, some use of force may be warranted during a criminal investigation, e.g. to protect evidence from destruction or to restrain an individual who opposes a house search. At the same time, force can also be abused during an investigation, for example when questioning a suspect. This chapter examines the use of force during criminal investigation, looking more closely at criminal investigation methods, the suspect interview and measures that can be taken to prevent the abuse of force in such situations.


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