The convention on the rights of persons with disabilities

A training guide

image of The convention on the rights of persons with disabilities
The Training Guide is for facilitators of training courses on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its Optional Protocol who are already familiar with the international human rights system. The Convention challenges customs and behaviour based on stereotypes, prejudices, harmful practices and stigma relating to persons with disabilities, and promotes their full participation in all spheres of life. It is already applicable in 137 countries around the world. The Training Guide’s methodology is interactive and promotes a participatory approach. Its modules can be used to develop tailored training courses to meet the needs of specific audiences (government officials, health professionals, civil society, employers’ organizations, etc.). It is also helpful as a general information resource on the Convention and its Optional Protocol.

English French, Russian, Spanish, Arabic



The Convention has been widely ratified in only a few years. By 1 October 2013, the Convention had 137 contracting parties and its Optional Protocol 78. This means that over half the world has indicated its consent to be bound by the Convention. Yet, there is still work to be done to achieve universal acceptance. Module 3 introduces the main concepts and processes underlying ratification, which should help train and motivate representatives of States, civil society and national human rights institutions in countries that have not yet ratified the Convention.

English Arabic, Russian, Spanish, French

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