Freedom from Fear

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The role of civil societies on youth empowerment in post-war Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, young people constitute about 34 per cent of the country’s total 5.6 million estimated population. The broad definition of youth in Sierra Leone includes people between 15-35 years old, of whom 70 per cent are unemployed and 53.4 per cent are illiterate. As a result, the lack of employment and educational opportunities has become one of the major concerns of the Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL). In this complex context numerous local civil society organizations, together with the GoSL, have played a significant role in empowering young people, who were the most active players in Sierra Leone’s decade civil war (1991-2002). According to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Report the conflict was caused by years of bad governance, endemic corruption and the denial of basic human rights, which created deplorable conditions for Sierra Leoneans. Amidst this context, most of the country’s civil society organizations were established during and after the end of the war, aiming above all to empower minority groups including youth and women, monitor government activities, supplement human services and advocate for human rights. Hence, these organizations have given substantial support and hope to the country’s post-war recovery and development, and to the improved status of youth.


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