World humanitarian data and trends 2014

image of World humanitarian data and trends 2014
This publication presents global and country-level data and trend analysis relevant to humanitarian assistance. Its purpose is to bring this information together in one place and present it in an accessible way. It is intended to establish a common baseline of humanitarian data that allow for comparisons across time. This data can be used to help support humanitarian policy decisions and provide country-level context that can support operational decision-making.



Humanitarian needs - sector funding

Apart from multi-sectoral programmes, in 2013 the food assistance sector was again the sector under which the most funds were requested ($2.7 billion and $2.4 billion respectively). Emergency food aid is a vital part of humanitarian response, but there is no concrete evidence that the same levels of support are being channelled to activities that promote the long-term resilience of affected communities. In 2013, mine action received extra funding, making it the best funded sector with 190 per cent of requirements met. This was likely due to ad hoc funding for particular projects, as the sector tends to be under funded. Over the last five years, its funding average has been 44 per cent.


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