Country Profile on Housing and Land Management

Republic of Moldova

image of Country Profile on Housing and Land Management
This Country Profile on Moldova’s housing and land management sectors, prepared at the request of the Government of Moldova, is the 17th in the series. The Country Profile programme continues to focus on specific challenges or achievements in the housing and land management sectors that are particularly relevant to the country under review. In the case of Moldova, these issues include housing policies and Government support measures for the construction of housing in rural areas; increased demand for housing of the fast-growing population; and depleted urban infrastructure.




The Republic of Moldova is a landlocked country covering a territory of 33,800 km2. It is bordered on the west by Romania and on the north, east and south by the Ukraine (Annex I). The Prut River runs along the entire western boundary with Romania, while the Nistru River forms part of the eastern boundary with the Ukraine and separates it from Transnistria. The country?s southern border extends almost to the Black Sea, making it one of the countries located in the Black Sea Basin.


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