Country Profiles on Housing and Land Management

Republic of Armenia

image of Country Profiles on Housing and Land Management

This Country Profile is the second for the Republic of Armenia. It contains an in-depth analysis of its housing, urban development and land management sectors while focusing on specific challenges or achievements in these sectors. These include housing provision and affordability; management and maintenance of the housing stock; energy efficiency in housing; disaster risk mitigation; urbanization; housing finance; and the legal and institutional framework. This Country Profile also lays out a set of policy recommendations to help Armenia in meeting these challenges.



Urban development and urban planning

The growth of the urban population in Armenia has closely reflected the country’s changing social and economic circumstances over the past century. Industrialization during the Soviet period from the 1920s onwards, combined with the mass influx of refugees from Eastern Turkey and, later, from the Armenian diaspora in the Middle East, led to rapid urban population growth until the late 1980s.


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