Human development report 2014

Sustaining human progress: reducing vulnerabilities and building resilience

image of Human development report 2014
Over the last decades, most countries have improved levels of human development. But progress maybe slowing as uncertainty intensifies globally. This report examines vulnerabilities that endanger human development, focusing especially on the poorest. Most threats are structural and persistent and linked with life cycle vulnerabilities. Identifying policy measures to reduce threats and increase human resilience is therefore a high priority. The report sets out synergistic proposals including universal public provisioning of basic services over the life cycle to maintain and strengthen human capabilities, full employment and social protection policies. It highlights collective action and international cooperation to address global vulnerabilities and ensure sustainable progress.

English Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, French


Building resilience: expanded freedoms, protected choices

This Report has discussed persistent threats to human development and the nature of vulnerability. It has also discussed how individuals are more vulnerable during certain critical junctures in their lives than at other times and how social contexts can render some individuals more vulnerable than others. Crises in the form of natural disasters and violent conflict deplete the capacities and material assets of entire communities, rendering them even more vulnerable. Policies to reduce vulnerability must account for these factors.

English Arabic, Spanish, French, Chinese

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