Latin America and the Caribbean Demographic Observatory 2015

Population Projections

image of Latin America and the Caribbean Demographic Observatory 2015
The Demographic Observatory 2015 contains selected indicators from the 2015 revision of estimates and projections for the populations analysed. The figures contained in this publication are a revision of those presented in the Observatory 2014 and include updates of the estimations and projections of national populations from 1950 to 2100, taking into account new information sources available for Chile and Guatemala. Future issues will incorporate new estimates and projections, also prepared using the component method, but by simple ages and calendar years.

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Fertility in Latin America is declining faster than expected and driving population growth down sharply

As part of the process of social, economic and cultural change that the region has undergone in recent decades, there have been important shifts in fertility and mortality rates that have produced equally significant changes not only in population growth but also in the age structure of the population.


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