Sustainable Urbanization in the Information Age

image of Sustainable Urbanization in the Information Age
This book talks about sustainable urbanization as the key consideration in environmental planning and management to improve living conditions for the 2.5 billion poor in the world. It examines policies and actions that might provide new, more effective responses to poverty, social justice, environmental degradation and other challenges as humans increasingly congregate in urban agglomerations. It also examines the experiences how the private sector and civil society can contribute to achieving sustainable urbanization. The book contains views of representatives of cities from all over the world in dealing with sustainable urbanization and information communication technologies.



Challenges and solutions related to sustainable urbanization in the information age in the developed countries

Wearing my professorial hat, I want to say that helping convene this Forum has been an exercise in optimism. For me it is a continuation of an ongoing and critical dialogue between design professionals, civic leaders, developers, and foundations from around the world, in developed and developing countries alike. The desire to exchange information openly is positive in and of itself: that we will open new networks for communication that may help solve common problems is especially positive.


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