Sustainable Urbanization in the Information Age

image of Sustainable Urbanization in the Information Age
This book talks about sustainable urbanization as the key consideration in environmental planning and management to improve living conditions for the 2.5 billion poor in the world. It examines policies and actions that might provide new, more effective responses to poverty, social justice, environmental degradation and other challenges as humans increasingly congregate in urban agglomerations. It also examines the experiences how the private sector and civil society can contribute to achieving sustainable urbanization. The book contains views of representatives of cities from all over the world in dealing with sustainable urbanization and information communication technologies.



The role and contribution of the private sector and civil society

While public policy can shape and direct growth, the private sector is the driving force behind globalization. Since before the industrial revolution of the 19th century, technology and commerce have created strong forces for density and urbanization. As communications technology has ascended, the role of the for-profit and non-profit NGO sectors are only magnified in their importance.


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