Sustainable Urbanization in the Information Age

image of Sustainable Urbanization in the Information Age
This book talks about sustainable urbanization as the key consideration in environmental planning and management to improve living conditions for the 2.5 billion poor in the world. It examines policies and actions that might provide new, more effective responses to poverty, social justice, environmental degradation and other challenges as humans increasingly congregate in urban agglomerations. It also examines the experiences how the private sector and civil society can contribute to achieving sustainable urbanization. The book contains views of representatives of cities from all over the world in dealing with sustainable urbanization and information communication technologies.



Sustainability in the United Nations

One of the United Nations’ biggest achievements is in the area of sustainability. The United Nations has been organizing World Conferences on different areas of sustainability since 1972 starting with the United Nations Conference on Environment in Stockholm, followed by the 1976 UN-HABITAT Conference in Vancouver. The United Nations continued to follow up with the agenda of natural environment and built environment by bringing this topic to the forefront of international community with the 1992 Environment and Development Conference in Rio, Global Conference on Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States (1994), United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in South Africa, UNHABITAT Conference in Istanbul (1996), Climate Change Conference in Bali to name just a few. The work goes on with the United Nations Climate Change Conference that will take place in Copenhagen in 2009. The World Urban Fora organized by UN-HABITAT continue to discuss sustainable urbanization every two years.


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