A Guide to Trade Practices

image of Cocoa

This Guide describes trade and industry practices, as well as regulations applying to cocoa. It discusses customs procedures; systems and techniques used at each stage of the cocoa supply chain; trends in cocoa manufacturing and processing; electronic commerce; cocoa organic farming; fair trade; sustainable production; and environmental issues. It also provides a list of main sector-related trade and industry associations; and appendices that contain detailed statistical data and list of relevant Internet websites.

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The economics of cocoa processing

A full-line (bean to consumer product) processor who manufactures in-house all the cocoa ingredients required, including cocoa butter, faces a dilemma when it comes to handling the multi-product aspect of the pressing operation. To make cocoa butter for chocolate it is also necessary to make cake. And unless this cake can be disposed of at a good price, the cost of making the cocoa butter in-house will be substantially higher than the price paid for butter by non-pressing chocolate manufacturers. The latter will be at a considerable advantage, as cocoa butter is by far the most expensive ingredient in dark and milk chocolate.

English French, Spanish

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