A Guide to Trade Practices

image of Cocoa

This Guide describes trade and industry practices, as well as regulations applying to cocoa. It discusses customs procedures; systems and techniques used at each stage of the cocoa supply chain; trends in cocoa manufacturing and processing; electronic commerce; cocoa organic farming; fair trade; sustainable production; and environmental issues. It also provides a list of main sector-related trade and industry associations; and appendices that contain detailed statistical data and list of relevant Internet websites.

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The cocoa trade and e-commerce

As with most other commercial activities, cocoa trading increasingly relies on electronic means for its communications. This mainly consists of the trader sitting in front of a desktop computer linked to both the company’s network and the Internet. The fax is gradually being replaced by e-mail. The security of these communications, however, can readily be breached. While the interception and monitoring of a company’s trading activities by a competitor may be a rare occurrence, it is a risk that warrants consideration.

English Spanish, French

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