A Guide to Trade Practices

image of Cocoa

This Guide describes trade and industry practices, as well as regulations applying to cocoa. It discusses customs procedures; systems and techniques used at each stage of the cocoa supply chain; trends in cocoa manufacturing and processing; electronic commerce; cocoa organic farming; fair trade; sustainable production; and environmental issues. It also provides a list of main sector-related trade and industry associations; and appendices that contain detailed statistical data and list of relevant Internet websites.

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Financial aspects of cocoa trading

Most commodity trading operations require a comparatively small fixed investment, but a substantial amount of working capital. As the trader’s success is largely the result of skilled operations (and, yes, some good luck), the main investment consists of acquiring and keeping competent staff, and of giving this staff the physical equipment and the necessary finances with which to trade. This equipment is essentially communications hardware: telephone, telex (still being used in some areas), facsimile equipment, and computers with appropriate add-ons and software.

English French, Spanish

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