From exclusion to equality

Realizing the rights of persons with disabilities

image of From exclusion to equality
Parliaments and parliamentarians have a key role to play in promoting and protecting human rights. This Handbook aims to assist parliamentarians and others in efforts to realize the Convention so that persons with disabilities can achieve the transition from exclusion to equality. It seeks to raise awareness of the Convention and its provisions, promote an appreciation of disability concerns, and assist parliaments in understanding the mechanisms and frameworks needed to translate the Convention into practice. By providing examples and insights, it is hoped that the Handbook will serve as a useful tool for parliamentarians to promote and protect the rights of persons with disabilities all over the world.



Monitoring the Convention and the Optional Protocol

All legally-binding international human rights treaties have a monitoring component and this Convention is no exception. Like the monitoring mechanisms found in other human rights treaties, the procedure outlined in the Convention promotes constructive dialogue with States to ensure that the Convention’s provisions are implemented effectively. Monitoring also implies the right of individuals to complain and seek a remedy. Monitoring mechanisms foster accountability and, over the long term, strengthen the capacity of parties to fulfil their commitments and obligations.


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