Handbook on the Delimitation of Maritime Boundaries

image of Handbook on the Delimitation of Maritime Boundaries
This handbook is a useful tool for facilitating the negotiating process to which countries with adjacent or opposite coasts can resort to in case of overlapping claims. Its area of coverage includes: maritime zones subject to boundary delimitation; norms and rules applicable to maritime boundary delimitation; factors exerting an influence on maritime boundary delimitation; methods applicable to maritime boundary delimitation; practical aspects of the negotiations; negotiating and drafting the agreement; and settlement of disputes.

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Settlement of disputes

The 1982 Convention has estab1ished a compulsory system for settlement of disputes arising between parties concerning its interpretation and application. When coastal States fail to establish their maritime boundaries through negotiations and if no delimitation agreement is reached within a reasonable time, the coastal States concerned, if they are parties to the 1982 Convention, shall resort to the settlement of dispute procedures referred to in its Part XV ( article 74, paragraph 2, and article 83, paragraph 2).

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