Intellectual Property Commercialization

Policy Options and Practical Instruments

image of Intellectual Property Commercialization
Innovation is the key driver of economic growth and development. A well-balanced, affordable and reliable system of intellectual property rights is needed to protect the — often large and highly risky — investments of innovative and creative companies against potential imitators and thereby provide key incentives to undertake such investments in the first place. Countries with economies in transition face particular challenges to integrate into global production networks and to find their own niche in the increasingly global value chains. This publication discusses intellectual property management and focuses on the challenges that research organizations and small/medium enterprises face in using the intellectual property system, particularly in transition countries, and on the policy options available to support them.



Intellectual property audits, accounting and valuation

Today, it is widely recognized that intellectual property assets are a primary source of value-added growth and competitive advantage for the business sector. This recognition that the value of a commercial enterprise resides in an organization’s intellectual property is a result of the shift in corporate composition from physical-capital intensive sectors towards knowledge-based industries including R&D activities, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and telecommunications equipment, whose value is in intangibles. Governments, public research organizations, and innovative businesses are therefore working to connect R&D more explicitly to their commercial strategies and break down the cultural barriers that have historically existed between the science laboratories and the business sector, with a view to ensuring that research efforts result in intellectual property that is capable of commercialization.


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