International Migration Policies

Data Booklet

As international migration gains increasing attention in policy debates, understanding key trends in migration policies is crucial. This data booklet highlights current policies on immigration and emigration for 197 countries of the world, drawing on data published in World Population Policies Database: The 2015 Revision. It also provides information on selected indicators related to international migration. This report describes governmental views and policy priorities related to immigration and emigration, and how these have evolved along with changing international migration patterns. It provides information on levels and trends in international migration, policies to influence the level of immigration, policies to promote immigration of highly skilled workers, policies to foster the integration of migrants into the host society, including naturalization policies, and other policies designed by governments in countries of origin, such as policies on emigration, acceptance of dual citizenship, policies to encourage the return of citizens, and measures to promote involvement of diaspora in countries of origin. The report also discusses issues related to irregular migration, human trafficking and refugees.