Reports of International Arbitral Awards, Vol. XXII

image of Reports of International Arbitral Awards, Vol. XXII

This volume is a collection of select international arbitral awards published in both English and French. Included in this particular volume are the proceedings and decision in a boundary dispute case between Argentina and Chile and that of a separate maritime and territorial sovereignty case between Eritrea and Yemen.

English, French


Award of the Arbitral Tribunal in the second stage of the proceedings between Eritrea and Yemen (Maritime Delimitation) Decision of 17 December 1999

Median line and historic median line — Methods of measurement — Principle of equidistance — Baselines: high water-line, low water-line, median line - "normal baseline", "straight baseline" — Geodeic line. — Presence of mid sea islands — Principle of proportionality as a test of equitableness and not a method of delimitation — Requirement of an equitable solution.

English, French

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