Reports of International Arbitral Awards, Vol. XXII

image of Reports of International Arbitral Awards, Vol. XXII

This volume is a collection of select international arbitral awards published in both English and French. Included in this particular volume are the proceedings and decision in a boundary dispute case between Argentina and Chile and that of a separate maritime and territorial sovereignty case between Eritrea and Yemen.

English, French


Case concerning a boundary dispute between Argentina and Chile concerning the delimitaion of the frontier line between boundary post 62 and Mount Fitzroy Decision of 21 October 1994

Determination of a boundary line in a sector of the frontier between Argentina and Chile — The force of the resjudicata of an international award applies to the award and to the concept used therein — Interpretation and implementation of an international award — Competence of international judges: ultra vires decision; excès de pouvoir and the rule of non ultra petita partium — Continental and local water-parting — Subsequent conduct of the parties as a means of interpretation of an international award.

English, French

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