Reports of International Arbitral Awards, Vol. XXIII

image of Reports of International Arbitral Awards, Vol. XXIII

This volume is a collection of select international arbitral awards published in both English and French. Included in this particular volume are the proceedings and decision in a fishery dispute case between Australia and Japan and New Zealand and Japan, a dispute concerning access to information between Ireland and the United Kingdom, and the case concerning the Bank for International Settlements (private individuals against the bank).

English, French


Bank for International Settlements Final Award of 19 September 2003

Potential claimant’s request constitutes acknowledgement and invocation of Tribunal’s jurisdiction-Rights of potential claimants not party to the arbitration-Tribunal’s legal competence and equitable discretion to allocate costs to facilitate access to arbitration that ensures the fairness of the procedure and secures a meaningful award.

English, French

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