Reports of International Arbitral Awards, Vol. XXVII

image of Reports of International Arbitral Awards, Vol. XXVII

The present volume is made up on four cases, namely, the report and recommendations to the governments of Iceland and Norway of the Conciliation Commission of the Continental Shelf areas between Iceland and Jan Mayen, the award in the case of the Iron Rhine railway between Belgium and the Netherlands and the interpretation thereof the Tribunal; the award and the settlement agreement of the Parties annexed thereto in the dispute concerning the Straits of Johor between Malaysia and Singapore; and the award ion the case concerning the delimitation of the maritime boundary between Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago.

English, French


Arbitration between Barbados and the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, relating to the delimitation of the exclusive economic zone and the continental shelf between them Decision of 11 April 2006

Jurisdiction of the Tribunal–jurisdiction under United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) provisions for the peaceful settlement of disputes–no requirement under general international law to continue compulsory negotiations showing every sign of being unproductive –entitlement of a party under UNCLOS to unilaterally refer a dispute to arbitration after the failure of negotiations.

English, French

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