United Nations Juridical Yearbook 1962

image of United Nations Juridical Yearbook 1962

The Yearbook contains documentary materials of a legal character concerning the United Nations and related intergovernmental organizations (IGOs). The present volume has been divided into two fascicles. The first fascicle consists of the Table of contents, an Explanatory Note and Chapters I through Ill; the second fascicle contains Chapter IV through X.



Explanatory note

By its resolution 1451 (xiv) of 7 December 1959, The General Assembly decided that a United Nations juridical yearbook which would include documentary materials of a legal character relating to the United Nations should be published. At its seventeenth session, the general assembly re-examined the question and, by its resolution 1814 (xvii) of 13 december 1962, decided that the united nations juridical yearbook should contain the documentary materials concerning the united nations and the inter-governmental organizations in relationship with it, which were listed in the annex to that resolution. By the same resolution, the general assembly requested the secretary-general to undertake the publication of the yearbook in the three working languages of the general assembly, and to publish early in 1964 the first volume, which should include materials relating to the year 1963.


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