Yearbook of the International Law Commission 1954, Vol. II

image of Yearbook of the International Law Commission 1954, Vol. II

The Yearbook of the International Law Commission Volume II, contains summary records of the International Law Commission sessions on such subjects as: arbitral procedures, diplomatic immunities, Law of the Sea, nationality, Law of Treaties and Rights and Duties of States.



Law of Treaties

At its fifth session, held in Geneva in 1953, the International Law Commission decided to request the Special Rapporteur on the Law of Treaties to continue his work on the subject and to present a further report for discussion at the next session together with his first report submitted in 1953. While the Special Rapporteur has made progress in his study of what will be Part II of the complete report on the Law of Treaties, namely operation and implementation of treaties, he now submits a further report supplementary to and, in some respect, modifying certain articles and the comment of the report submitted in 1953. This covers the following articles : article 1 (essential requirements of a treaty); article 6 (ratification); article 7 (accession); article 9 (reservations); article 16 (consistency with prior treaty obligation).


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