Yearbook of the International Law Commission 2005, Vol. II, Part 2

image of Yearbook of the International Law Commission 2005, Vol. II, Part 2

This volume contains the summary records of the meetings of the International Law Commission on its 57th session (2 May – 3 June and 11 July – 5 August 2005). The issues discussed at that session included: unilateral acts of states, diplomatic protection, state responsibility, reservations to treaties and international liability for injurious consequences arising out of acts not prohibited by international law.

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Summary of the work of the commission at its fifty-seventh session

As regards the topic “Shared Natural Resources”, the Commission considered the third report of the Special Rapporteur (A/CN.4/551 and Add.1), which contained a complete set of 25 draft articles on the law of trans­boundary aquifers. The Commission also established a Working Group on Transboundary Groundwaters chaired by Mr. Enrique Candioti to review the draft articles pre­sented by the Special Rapporteur, taking into account the debate in the Commission on the topic. The Work­ing Group had the benefit of advice and briefings from experts on groundwaters from UNESCO and IAH. It also held an informal briefing by the Franco-Swiss Gen­evese Aquifer Authority. The Working Group reviewed and revised eight draft articles and recommended that it be reconvened in 2006 to complete its work (see chapter IV).

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