50 Years of Unlocking SME Competitiveness

Lessons for the Future

image of 50 Years of Unlocking SME Competitiveness

50 years of fostering trade competitiveness around the globe generated a wealth of experience and expertise. ITC gained invaluable insights and learned many lessons in supporting SMEs in developing, least developed and transition economies to enhance their competitiveness and to internationalize. While ITC’s mandate has remained unchanged over the last five decades, the trade landscape has altered radically and with it the manner in which ITC has delivered its trade-related technical assistance. The rise of a multi-polar global economy gave way to new trade, market and investment opportunities. A technological revolution transformed the way business is being transacted around the world. The multilateral, regional and bilateral trade regime matured and new governance patterns in international trade emerged in the form of supply chain trade.

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A book of this scope requires the dedication of many individuals. The book was developed under the leadership of Anders Aeroe, ITC Director, Division of Market Development, as a contribution to the ITC 50th anniversary. This included concept development, management and overall coordination. He was supported by a team including Rajesh Aggarwal, Acting Director, ITC Division of Business and Institutional Support; Raimund Moser, Programme Development Advisor; and Natalie Domeisen, Head of PublicAffairs and Publications.

English Spanish, French

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