Africa Investor Report 2011

Towards Evidence-based Investment Promotion Strategies

image of Africa Investor Report 2011

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Foreword by Peter Buckley

The Africa Investor Report 2011 is a landmark study in evidence-based research on the impact of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Africa, on the need for selectivity in targeting “quality” FDI and the role of Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) in achieving optimal FDI inflows. Africa is a new focus of attention for FDI. There is an urgency among existing and potential investors to understanding the changing economic and political realities of the continent and, in some instances, to regain lost ground. The rapid economic growth of many African countries has demonstrated the plethora of investment opportunities and the (somewhat exaggerated) challenge of Chinese investors has refocused attention of the growing possibilities represented by this growth. Despite this, the stock of FDI in Sub-Saharan Africa is no more than 2% of the worldwide stock. Africa is in desperate need of employment, skills, know-how, market access, and management expertise. Its need for “quality” FDI has never been greater.

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