All About Promoting Trade in Services

A Complete Handbook

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This one-stop source guide to the various materials on services exporting – provides a listing of practical publications and tools with directions on how to access them; each section of the handbook highlights resources particular to a specific topic in the area of services exports, followed by a short assessment questionnaire to be completed for measuring a country’s national performance in supporting services exports; all sections contain examples of material and strategies that can be used in working on services export promotion; it also provides a summary of what have been found to be the most important best practices in this domain.

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The Trade in Services Section (TSS) of the International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO (ITC) has been developing a series of interrelated tools and publications to assist trade promotion officers in particular, and trade support institutions in general, in their role of increasing the export of services from developing and transition economies. One of the mechanisms to support services export development and share best practices that has evolved over the past four years is TSS’s ServiceExportNet, and some participating officers are now quite experienced in services export promotion strategies. Others have recently been given a services mandate with little background or training.

English Spanish, French

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