Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Report 2010

Recent Trends and Developments

image of Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Report 2010
This report identifies the challenges and opportunities for trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific region concluding that with the right policies and strengthened regional cooperation, the region will be able to continue strong trade and investment-led growth. With the continued stalling of the international Doha Round of negotiations, regional trade agreements remain an important approach to controlling protectionism. A fresh look at the rules under these agreements is recommended. The report emphasizes that governments need to step up efforts to improve the environment for business and investment.



Contemporary protectionist measures in the region

According to data collected by Global Trade Alert (GTA), governments around the globe implemented 638 state measures that discriminate against foreign commercial interests between November 2008 and September 2010. Measures that harm commercial interests of trading partners outnumber measures with beneficial effects by more than two to one, although each measure may differ in scope and impact. It is important to check whether protectionism has abated with the recovery of the world economy. Figure 33 plots the number of harmful measures implemented per quarter since November 2008. At first glance, the graph shows a slowdown in the use of discriminatory state actions. However, the effects of many interventions are felt sometimes several (up to 12) months after their actual implementation. Therefore, the noted decline of harmful state actions over time does not necessarily reflect improved government behaviour. Moreover, much of the discriminatory measures put in place have yet to be removed, while more than 200 measures have been announced and may be implemented in the months ahead.


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