Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Report 2018

Recent Trends and Developments

image of Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Report 2018

This report aims at deepening understanding of trends and developments in trade, investment and regional integration in the Asia-Pacific region. It looks at emerging issues in trade, investment and trade facilitation policies, and the impacts such policies have on countries’ abilities to meet the challenges of achieving inclusive and sustainable development. It offers innovative policy options to meet the challenges of achieving sustainable trade and investment. It is aimed at policymakers, practitioners, experts, academics, business, international agencies and NGOs. It contains country specific briefs and shows trends and developments of trade in goods, trade in services, foreign direct investment, and trade and investment policies over 2017-2018.



Policy developments and potential impacts of trade tensions in Asia and the Pacific

The relatively dynamic global trade recovery that began in late 2016 is now threatened by trade tensions between the United States and other economies, particularly China. Increasing protectionism does not sit well with the universally accepted 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, in which trade is an important means of implementation and one of the 17 goals is to promote global partnership. The possible escalation of trade conflicts, as economies retaliate over each other’s protectionist measures, has become an important impediment to foreign trade and investment as engines of sustainable development, both in Asia and the Pacific and globally.


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