Building Linkages for Export Success

image of Building Linkages for Export Success

Handbook based on an ISO-ITC joint regional consultation: ‘Quality Management: Linking TPOs and NSBs for Export Success’, Malaysia, December 2009 - describes the role of quality in export competitiveness and its implications for developing country exporters and support institutions; considers the role of national standards bodies (NSBs) and that of trade promotion organizations (TPOs) in providing information and market intelligence, capacity building and advisory services, and in connecting suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters with markets; provides guidance regarding linkages between WTO TBT and SPS enquiry points, NSB standards information services, and TPO information services; gives examples of sectors and services where NSBs and TPOs could provide quality management services that add value; includes a list of definitions, an example of ITC’s capacity building modules to strengthen TSIs, and a selected bibliography.

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To compete and succeed in today’s trading environment, an overseas supplier must not only find a buyer, but must also ensure its products and services meet rigorous quality requirements (i.e. performance, perceived quality, conformity, reliability and durability) demanded by the customer, end user, and others in the global supply chain. While these requirements are much the same for all suppliers and create a level playing field, evidence 1) suggests that some suppliers find high standards and proof of compliance difficult to meet.

English French, Spanish

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