Business Guide to Trade Remedies in Brazil

Anti-Dumping, Countervailing and Safeguard Legislation, Practices and Procedures

image of Business Guide to Trade Remedies in Brazil

This is a guide to Brazil’s trade remedy procedures (anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguards measures), seen from the perspective of the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Agreements. It highlights substantive and procedural aspects of Brazilian law and practice targeted at the country’s trade partners – business managers, exporters and importers in developing and transition economies. Like other International Trade Centre’s (ITC) publications on trade remedies, this guide equips these trading partners with the information they need to defend their trading rights in Brazil.



The WTO trade remedy system

The use of anti-dumping, countervailing measures and safeguard measures has spread very quickly in the past few decades. Globalization and economic integration have boosted international trade and weakened domestic frontiers to foreign products. These measures, which constitute the trade remedy system, are utilized to protect the domestic industry from foreign competition or against practices that may be considered unfair.


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