Clothing Demand from Emerging Markets

An Opportunity for LDC Suppliers

image of Clothing Demand from Emerging Markets

With decreasing demand in the traditional markets in the United States, Europe, Japan and Canada for apparels, the new-book “Clothing Demand From Emerging Markets – An Opportunity For LDC Suppliers” launched by International Trade Centre comes at an opportune time. It gives in-depth markets insight for suppliers, apparel manufacturers in the countries like India, China, Malaysia, Brazil and South Africa to do business among themselves; and at the same time least developed countries to have trade ties with these countries.



South Africa

The South African market offers good opportunities for clothing exporters in LDC countries. In 2005, South Africa’s imports of clothing totalled US$ 752 million. During the five-year period to the end of that year, the import market had shown strong growth, with imports rising by 289% over the period. Although this does to some degree reflect a larger market overall for clothing as the middle class with greater spending power continues to grow, the more pressing reason for the expansion in imports is the decline in local manufacturing capacity in the face of cheap imports, primarily from China.


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