Consumer Conscience

How Environment and Ethics are Influencing Exports

image of Consumer Conscience

This report on the International Trade Centre (ITC) World Export Development Forum on Consumers, Ethics and Environment (October 2008), reflects on what ethical trade means, the growth in the global fair trade and ethical markets, how entrepreneurs in developing countries can break into these markets, and what trade support institutions and governments should be doing to help ethical traders. It considers the bottom line for every topic discussed: how to use ethical trade as a tool to raise standards of living for everyone involved.



Creating the value: Innovation is non-negotiable

The global market for goods and services that meet consumer demand for products created by ethically and environmentally acceptable means offers huge economic opportunities for developing country businesses, entrepreneurs and exporters. But one thing is certain, this will not matter unless the entrepreneurs, producers or even farmers are innovative. Often being creative in marketing can go a long way towards seizing these opportunities. The message is: Brand your product in a way that characterizes it distinctively and helps it find a market.


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