Consumer Conscience

How Environment and Ethics are Influencing Exports

image of Consumer Conscience

This report on the International Trade Centre (ITC) World Export Development Forum on Consumers, Ethics and Environment (October 2008), reflects on what ethical trade means, the growth in the global fair trade and ethical markets, how entrepreneurs in developing countries can break into these markets, and what trade support institutions and governments should be doing to help ethical traders. It considers the bottom line for every topic discussed: how to use ethical trade as a tool to raise standards of living for everyone involved.



Sustaining and distributing value

Can ethical trade be a panacea for the problems of development for marginal communities? Can it deliver on its promise of environment improvements, poverty reduction, gender awareness, achievement of the Millennium Development Goals? Does it still represent a viable business model able to succeed in the market or does it depend on technical assistance, development support and goodwill – from donors and consumers – to achieve these goals?


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