Contractual Agreements in the Publishing and Printing Industry

A Practical Guide

image of Contractual Agreements in the Publishing and Printing Industry

Many aspects of the publishing and printing industries are governed by contractual arrangements between the interested parties. This guide seeks to provide a range of model agreements with explanatory notes to cover the relationships between key players in this area. The contracts contained in this guide are drawn from a variety of contracts in use in the book trade and have been adapted for use by the publishing and printing industries. They can be used in countries whose legal systems are based on either common law or civil law.

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Publisher agreements with suppliers and distributors

Relationships between publishers and printers are rarely covered by a bilateral agreement between the parties. A more common scenario is for the publisher to request estimates from a printer on a book-by-book basis, and for the printer to issue standard conditions of contract alongside each quotation. While such conditions may appear to favour the printer, any publisher who is a substantial print buyer may be able to negotiate favourable terms for bulk orders and prompt payment.

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