Executive Forum 2000

Export Development in the Digital Economy

image of Executive Forum 2000

Summary of discussions held at Executive Forum 2000 organized by the International Trade Centre and the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs in Montreux, Switzerland in September 2000 - focuses on the role and importance of digital economy in building and maintaining export performance in developing countries; assesses impact of e-trade on traditional export practices and explores how developing and transition economies have responded to competitive challenges of digital economy; examines conditions for a relevant national environment allowing sustainable and effective participation in digital economy; discusses short-term initiatives required to promote electronic competency and e-trade capability within public and private sectors; outlines role of national trade support institutions, and key concepts for strategy makers addressing national response to digital economy.

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An e-brief: a strategy-maker’s guide to some key concepts

As part of its preparations for Executive Forum 2000, ITC posted a series of briefing articles on its website so that e-commerce neophytes could familiarize themselves with key concepts of the digital economy. The aim was to explain some of the jargon, outline the current situation, and bring to the fore a number of the issues strategy-makers need to consider before they go to the market, consider a role for trade promotion institutions or debate public-sector action to make their societies e-competent. These briefing notes are reprinted here as a crash course on e-commerce for those who think they need some help in getting up to speed.

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