Exporting Automotive Components

An Answer Book for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

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This publication is the ultimate question and answer book for small and medium-sized enterprises interested in exporting automobile components. It contains information on types of automotive parts, export market, and ways to capture the automobile components market. Other topics covered by this publication include the fundamentals of exporting, information sources on industry trends, buyers and suppliers, Internet directories, e-commerce and online procurement, and packaging and labeling.

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What measures can I take to protect my IP rights while participating in trade fairs?

If you are participating at an exhibition, trade fair or similar event, it may be advisable to file an application for a patent, utility model or industrial design for the inventive or creative features of the product before exhibiting it. In many countries, if an invention or design is disclosed to the public (such as by public display) before such an application has been made, then a patent, utility model or industrial design cannot be granted for that invention or design.

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