Exporting Automotive Components

An Answer Book for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

image of Exporting Automotive Components

This publication is the ultimate question and answer book for small and medium-sized enterprises interested in exporting automobile components. It contains information on types of automotive parts, export market, and ways to capture the automobile components market. Other topics covered by this publication include the fundamentals of exporting, information sources on industry trends, buyers and suppliers, Internet directories, e-commerce and online procurement, and packaging and labeling.

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How can I use e-commerce to generate value in my supply chain?

There are many Internet stories of successful business-to-business (B2B) applications. B2B buying consortia, industry-specific sales consortia and independent Internet trading exchanges are generating impressive benefits for their members. These include savings on transaction costs of up to 50% and reductions in inventories as a result of improved service levels and reliability. The cost savings recorded by multinational corporate buying consortia on the Internet have led many other multinationals to ask prospective suppliers to be Internet-enabled as a qualifying factor.

English French, Spanish

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