External Trade Bulletin of the Arab Region, Issue No. 23

image of External Trade Bulletin of the Arab Region, Issue No. 23
The Bulletin presents data and statistical indicators on external trade in goods of Arab Countries. Data are presented in time series until 2013 and were drawn primarily from national sources, as well as from secondary sources where appropriate. It provides total and detailed data on intraregional and international trade of Arab countries, which are useful to policymakers, analysts and researchers and other users at the national, regional and international levels.

English, Arabic


Summary of the external trade statistics of ESCWA member countries

No changes were observed in the performance of world trade during 2013, which came as an extension of the trends that prevailed in 2012. A modest growth of 2.2 per cent was registered for world exports in 2013, a rate very similar to that of the earlier year. It is widely believed that this continued slow growth of world trade is driven by the weak demand on imports in developed countries, particularly the European Union, which is still suffering from economic recession and high unemployment. Recent statistics show that world exports reached 18.4 trillion United States dollars (US$) in 2013 in current prices. The United States of America achieved the highest growth rates and Japan the lowest. Active and significant rates of trade growth were observed in China and South Korea, and in many other developing countries, especially in the Arab region, bolstered by high oil prices.

English, Arabic,

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