Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America and the Caribbean 2006

image of Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America and the Caribbean 2006

This publication sets out and analyses the main foreign direct investment (FDI) trends in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. In 2006, foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows to Latin America and the Caribbean (excluding the main financial centres) continued their upward trend, reaching over US$ 72 billion, for an increase of 1.5% over 2005. At the same, however, the region's share of global FDI inflows declined, as flows increased more rapidly in other parts of the world.



Portugal: Investment and corporate strategies in Latin America and the Caribbean

In the early fifteenth century, Portugal began a fruitful process of exploration and territorial expansion that cemented its position as a naval and commercial power. Its activities spanned the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and its presence extended from the coast of east Africa to India. Not long after the arrival of the Spanish in America, Portuguese explorers discovered the territories that would later be known as Brazil and the result was that, along with Spain, Portugal became the leading commercial power of the time. Later, from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries, Portugal lost a great many of its colonies in Africa and Asia, and the independence of Brazil in 1822 marked a significant reduction of the country’s international presence.


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