Industrial Commodity Statistics Yearbook 2011

Physical Quantity Data (Vol.I) and Monetary Value Data (Vol.II)

image of Industrial Commodity Statistics Yearbook 2011
This publication provides statistics on the production of about 600 major industrial commodities. Data was provided for the ten-year period of 2002-2011 for approximately 200 countries and territories. The commodities have been selected on the basis of their importance in world production and trade. The Yearbook is organized in two volumes, and contains correspondence tables that allow the user to link the information provided to other internationally-used product classifications.

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Index of commodities in alphabetical order (Vol.II)

The following table shows all commodities, in alphabetical order, for which data are available in the United Nations Industrial Commodity Statistics Database. The table indicates for each commodity whether it is included in either volume of the print version of the 2011 Commodity Statistics Yearbook.


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